Tipsy Tikis Is Unlike Any Other Vessel In The OC Waterways!

Our custom-built, tiki bar boat is 14 feet wide x 26 feet long and features a state-of-the-art deck / hull — made from the strongest float on the market!

Built with the highest level of buoyancy (32,000 lbs.) possible to provide the ultimate stability, our boat offers a VERY STABLE, SOLID BASE along with the flexibilty to handle wake and waves. So you and your guests are able to move around the boat while underway without having to worry about weight distribution or stability. Plus, the innovative hull design allows us to stay close to water level so we are able to pull up to a beach or shallow area to pick up or drop off passengers.

The vessel also features a 360-degree open-air bar with a handcrafted tropical walnut bartop, 12 bar stools, custom aluminum and stainless steel railings with a tropical walnut bar rail, natural bamboo structures, tiki décor and a tiki hut thatched roof to protect from rain or too much sun.

Outfitted with a 60hp outboard motor, our tiki boat can easily move through strong currents coming into the bay. But for an enjoyable and relaxing ride, we like to maintain a cruising speed at around 6 knots (approx. 7 mph) depending on wind, current and the number of people on board. The boat is also equipped with a bluetooth-capable speaker system that can sync to your phone and play your choice of music ...or party to one of our many song lists!

tiki bar boat roof
tiki bar boat group party
tiki bar boat hull